Pop Up Theater

The Idea: More Local Inclusiveness

Idle TVs & projectors are everywhere. Particularly in your local bars, taverns, auditoriums, libraries, grange halls, residencies and maybe even theaters themselves! All these places can be utilized for showcasing the art of film/video. The audiences of Purgatopia are everywhere. It is an all inclusive NC-17 movie audience. Therefore, it can be seen in local inclusive places. The main mission behind Purgatopia is to bolster the public’s view of local media arts and the potential inclusiveness the public actually has. Bringing public places and people together to watch a film and 35 minutes worth of other local content is what being part of the local arts is all about.

The ‘Pop Up Theater” format for Purgatopia allows for a new way for the community to come and explore local media arts, especially those of music videos, short films, cortometrajes, and whatever else local culture has shot. Using a local feature film to feature other work has not been done like this before. The main motivation for this idea was to generate an alternative to film festivals that promoted more diversity and inclusiveness within a community while coinciding with Purgatopia’s campaign to bolster the image of Public Access Television.

Conscious and Unconscious Pop Up Theater

Conscious Pop Up Theater is where the space is willing to run the film in the typical fashion, with sound and with an audience intent on watching it. This would typically be a bar or tavern with a projector that sits around where a two hour takeover of the place shows the film for the purpose of a legitimate film viewing experience.

The film begins after following a program made up of local content including local music videos, experimental videos, and or short films that are curated along with some content from sponsors. Conscious Pop Up Theaters will have a donation terminal set up as an "optional admission". 20 percent of all proceeds will be donated to the Alliance for Community Media.

Unconscious Pop Up Theater is generally displayed in a higher volume place where the film plays without sound on a TV as background filler. Purgatopia’s visual storytelling will find asynchronous and synchronous moments with whatever music is playing. Someone watching a random snippet of the film as they walk in will wonder if the bar is tuned to the NatGeo channel or just another weird Lifetime movie? But alas, this stranger would be sorely mistaken. A display sign will explain what's playing and how to catch the next “Conscious” viewing.

There will be unique “commercial” breaks during the Unconscious cut that will feature other local content from other filmmakers along with a billboard-style program that features upcoming music shows around town along with community events.

Host a Pop Up Theater

Perhaps your establishment has a projector or a TV you watch the big game on, or maybe it is an episode of one of those house flipping shows as some weird guy sips his Midori Sour. Whatever the place, if your instincts think you can pack the house with the help of a local feature film that no fat corporate cat can bust you for screening and a 35 minute showcase of local media artists, then please contact us and we will put that projector or TV to use for the duration of 2 hours. If you don't want to turn your bar into a place where everyone watching a film are telling people to shut up and keep their voices down, then consider the Unconscious Pop Up Theater option where your place runs as normal, but you are still supporting local film, arts, and business.

The Local 35: A Pre Purgatopia Program

The Pop Up Theatre is an opportunity to showcase other local content in a local program. Whereas the length of Purgatopia runs approximately 80 minutes, a maximum of 35 minutes is allocated for the showcasing of local content from the Willamette Valley, making a total of two hours. From short films and music videos to public service announcements and other lenses on local culture, much will be seen before the feature plays. This is a hyper-local equivalent of the materials one would see during a ‘First Look’ at Regal or the short film collection at Cinebarre.

The Local 35 will feature as much independent local material in locally owned temporary venues. The Local 35’s main mission is to provide the filmmaking community in the Willamette Valley another venue other than expensive film festivals to showcase work without the need for competition.

Sponsor The Local 35

Average campaigns to advertise a 30 second spot in Regal Cinemas start at $3,000-$10,000 bucks. The cost for full page ad in The Washington Post which has a circulation of 555,000 folks is $162,000. The cost of 45 seconds of Superbowl airtime is over $7,000,000. But the price for a 1/4 page ad in The Bozeman Daily Chronicle is only $693. Support local media! Sponsorship packages are customized to meet your budget and reach. Like any optional admissions collected at a Concious Pop Up Theater, 20% of all sponsorship packages and retail sales of any merchandise associated with Purgatopia will go to the Alliance for Community Media (ACM) which is the national organization for all public access stations in the nation. Video content of checks being written and sent to ACM will be posted in our media gallery and across our social media platforms with mention of your organization’s sponsorship of local independent film arts, public access stations, and local community radio.

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